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Get Prepared With My Consulting Services

In addition to my talk show, I offer consulting services and participate as a guest speaker. If you are unfamiliar with the legal system and you have a child that's in trouble, I can help guide you through the maze. I have extensive experience working with troubled youth and love to inspire them to change for the better. I also assist people with new Social Security claims. 

Helping To Navigate the System

It can be difficult knowing what to do when dealing with the legal system on behalf of a child. I'll help you overcome that fear by briefing you on what to expect. I'll provide general information about who you need to contact as well as an overview of how the system works from the arraignment to the resolution of the case. Under most circumstances, I do not charge a fee for my consulting services.

I also offer consulting for individuals entering the Social Security system. I can help you get your claim approved and connect you to someone who can offer you proper legal advice.

Troubled Teen

Reaching At-Risk Youth

I care deeply care about at-risk youth. I'll speak to any organization that deals with these types of kids, including Youth Development Incorporated and any junior or high school in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area. I can meet and connect with these children at your organization's location, and give them the information they need to get inspired and change their way of thinking.

Experience Matters

My knowledge and experience in the military, as well as in the Cincinnati Public School system, has helped me to provide a powerful positive impact on at-risk teens. I have also worked with Project Succeed, one of the first programs funded under the No Child Left Behind Act and on the Teen Violence Task Force in 1995. The mayor's office also sent me to a training program called "Building the Community Through Collaboration." To schedule my services, please call at least a month in advance. All speaking fees are negotiable. I look forward to inspiring your children, doing my part to secure a better future for all of us.